On the bookshelf

My two latest Amazon book buys include: The Coconut Oil Miracle and The Juice Lady’s Guide to Juicing for Health. Neither are new releases but as coconut oil is having its moment of fame in the world of health I thought I’d swot up on it. The book was published  in 2004, long before it was fashionable to debate the food’s health benefits but begins by describing the Ayurvedic, Polynesian and Central American cultures who have used coconut oil in cooking, health and beauty for thousands of years. It’s only recently western cultures have given this ancient health food any attention.

It hasn’t come without controversy though – being a saturated fat, coconut oil has gathered quite a strong opposition but the book details decades of published medical journals examining its nutritional benefits and unique chemical make-up that sets it apart from other saturated fats.

The juicing book presents an A-Z of common health conditions with a detailed examination of what juices could prevent and treat, which appeared to be more in-depth than your average juice-diet-recipe book.

I spotted both books in an amazing health food store called Rainbow in California while I was there a few months ago and picked them up from Amazon when I got back. Can’t wait to get stuck in…


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